Theatrical Vocal Management

Deborah is an experienced vocal workshop leader. Workshops involve taking an opera, musical or theatrical subject and exploring how it has been constructed in context, composition and what to listen for to greatly enhance the participants understanding.

A vocal workshop can involve a warm up and technical session followed by learning and performance of a specific song or songs chosen by the group. Each stage of learning is explained in relation to the theatre and how to raise the performance of the song. Deborah’s experience in working with professionals brings a unique insight into some of the secrets to a successful performance.

If you are interested in booking Deborah for a workshop please email via the contact page.

Les Miserables

For many years, Deborah has been involved with the Delfont Mackintosh Theatre as the vocal facilitator and also as part of the education outreach for the Les Miserables production.

As well as vocal coaching for the professional casts, Deborah devises vocal workshops and presents them to groups who are attending Les Miserables as young performing arts students.

Deborah works with professionals, individuals and large groups in getting the very best from each singer. More information is available on the Delfont Mackintosh website.

Arts for Dementia London

In 2012 Deborah managed and ran workshops on vocal performing for people with dementia. Titled ‘Reawakening the Mind’ and inspired by Veronica Franklin Gould, this was part of a research program run by the National Lottery funded charity ‘Arts 4 Dementia’ at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London.

The significant findings of the program were presented at the London Society of Medicine where Deborah was leading the presentation for music. Each subject was presented, discussed and evaluated, with the vocal performance workshops achieving significant benefits tor attendees.

Arts for Dementia London: See page 104 of the Reawakening The Mind report for Deborah’s vocal assessment here.