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I say, I say, I say… What’s it All About?

It’s time to get back out there. Here are a few suggestions that may gently persuade you back to the theatres and concert halls of London.

The West End has so much to offer. Art galleries, restaurants and shopping alone make it easy to love the culture and atmosphere 

However, it is the theatres and concert halls of London that attract visitors from all over the globe. They come to sample our amazing shows and be thrilled by our world class music making.

Here’s a nod to what is currently out there or coming soon for you to see…


Getting to know Beethoven

In 2020 musicians across Europe and the world were preparing to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of one of the worlds most outstanding composers in western musical history Ludvig van Beethoven.  As the pandemic spread many of these celebration concerts were cancelled.

In the spirit of ‘not forgetting’ this genius of music, I have been inspired to share with you “Shine a Light into the Life of Beethoven”. A very brief look at the masterful Ludvig van Beethoven.  

Sit back and relax with coffee and cake or maybe a glass of wine, and prepare to be wowed even though we will only scratch the surface of this intriguing and formidable character…   


Lockdown listening

Music to pass the hours… Music for the soul and for the mind…Deb’s top five!

As I sit writing this blog we are half way through week three of the lockdown measures. These have been interesting and reflective weeks with plenty of time for me to catch up on some much overdue listening!

Most regular weeks I spend my time working, exercising and sleeping with little time for the actual thing that gives me the most pleasure of all – and which began my journey into the musical world many years ago –  to enjoy some of my favourite recordings.


Interpretation in music

‘Interpretation in music is simply the act of performance’. So says Percy Scholes in The Oxford Companion to Music.

It could not be more clearly put!


The Art of Practising …

The first thing to recognise is that practice means repetition.

In reality the time we spend on practising is becoming more and more limited due to the busy lives that we now lead. For this reason alone it has become even more essential to learn how to practice efficiently and effectively.