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Shadows of the Twentieth Century CD

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Track 4 - Waldesnacht by A Schönberg
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Track 4 - Waldesnacht by A Schönberg
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Track 8 - The Lord Mayor's Table by Walton

Deborah’s first CD, Shadows of the Twentieth Century, is the first British recording of Arnold Schoenberg’s Seven Early Lieder.

Deborah writes: “This CD has been an enormous journey of discovery and learning for me. It started with my passion for modern music. The mind of Schoenberg seemed to reflect the more humanistic German thoughts at the time and a continuation of the mindset of Wagner.

If the more ‘serialistic’ music is what comes to mind….listen again! These Seven Early Lieder come from a time pre-serialism and each one a beautiful and lyrical sound wash of emotion. We can see the clear development of his style happening through each song. This really is the chance to hear a musical genius at work - surely not to be missed?

William Walton’s Songs for the Lord Mayors Table are a great way to discover how much you really can enjoy modern music. This divine collection of songs shows different aspects for London’s past characters and traditions with enormous class and beauty. I have enjoyed discovering Walton’s great sense of humour throughout this song cycle and, when it is needed, his ability to show great depth.”

I think the contrast of these two song cycles on the same disc is a rare opportunity to listen and discover how great and surprising these two composers can be.”

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Arnold Schönberg
Sieben Frühe Lieder (1894 - 1903)

1: Mein Herz das ist ein tiefer Schacht
2: Mädchenlied
3: Mädchenfrühling
4: Waldesnacht
5: Nicht doch!
6: Mannesbangen
7: Deinem Blick mich zu bequemen

William Walton
A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table

8: The Lord Mayor's Table
9: Glide Gently
10: Wapping Old Stairs
11: Holy Thursday
12: The Contrast
13: Rhyme

Shapes of Love CD

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Track 10 - That's All by Bob Haymes
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Track 10 - That's All by Bob Haymes
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Track 14 - The Girls of Summer by Stephen Sondheim

Deborah's second CD, Shapes of Love, is inspired by Deborah’s invitation to sing in Bristol for the BRACE charity, based in Bristol, which researches into dementia.

This distressing brain disease affects many people in the UK today. What matters most is that we continue to scientifically research into understanding this disease in the hope that in the future we can say “Together we have defeated dementia”.

All of the songs on this cd were chosen and recorded with the idea of ‘Love’ in many forms and guises. From the earliest feelings of the wonder of love to the deeply caring age old love that has survived many struggles and depths.

£1 from the sale of each CD will be donated to the Alzheimers charity B.R.A.C.E.

CD Content

  1. That's Him - Kurt Weill
  2. What Good would the Moon Be - Kurt Weill
  3. 'Till There Was You - Meredith Wilson
  4. I Wish it So - Marc Blitzstein
  5. Will You - Scott Frankel
  6. They Didn't Believe Me - Jerome Kern
  7. It's Only A Paper Moon - Harold Arlen
  8. Embraceable You - George Gershwin

9. You'll Never Know - Harry Warren
10. That's All - Bob Haymes
11. The More I See You - Harry Warren
12. Anyone Can Whistle - Stephen Sondheim
13. I Remember - Stephen Sondheim
14. The Girls Of Summer - Stephen Sondheim
15. True Love - Cole Porter